Flying School

The Flying School Les Ailes de l’Outaouais gives you the opportunity to fulfill you dream by getting your Aircraft Pilot licence.

Here are the available courses:

  • Private Pilot licence
  • Professional Pilot licence
  • Flight Instructor licence
  • Multimotors Qualification
  • Fly by dead reckoning
  • Night-flying

Other available services:

  • Accustomization flying (One day pilot)
  • Around town tour


DecouvAIRte Aviation offers a variety of services:

  • Production of aerial tourism stay in Canada, a la carte Menu;
  • Contract of aerial touristic organized tour on the Ottawa Region, in the Outaouais and on the big Montreal region, in relationship with the touristic enterprises of the region (restaurant and lodging accommodations, fluvial, road or aerial transport;
  • Aerial photography professional or amateur;
  • Aircraft rental ( no fuel, no pilot) to young pilots who wishes to have an aeronautical experience (holiday on a plane)


The Executive Airport Gatineau-Ottawa has 2 types of hangars on his territory

Corporative Hangar

A hangar of 130 feet x 133 feet , all metal and isolated

Accomodation Hangar

A hangar of 70 feet x 50 feet, all metal and isolated

Fuel and Maintenance


Monday to Friday from 6am to 9pm EST (eastern standard time)
Satruday & Sunday from 8am to 4pm EST(eastern standard time)

  • De-Icing with UCAR XK54 Type 1
  • GPU
  • Motor heater
  • Towing for different Aircraft model
  • Resting Room for pilots


  • 100LL + Jet A1 pre-mixed with certified additive SPR (single point refueling)


  • 15W50, W65, W80, W100, W120, W100+
  • Min 80, Min 100
  • FL2, FL4
  • Philips 10W50

Hall for Rent

The Executive Airport Gatineau-Ottawa has 2 halls you can rent

  • The Salon Jean Laperrière can welcome up to 8 persons
  • The Salon Louis et Jean-Émile Bisson can welcome up to 20 persons